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About Us

We are a team of startup enthusiasts on a mission to help founders & startups succeed!
As a platform, UpFounders leverages technology to support the journey of founders/startups. Our solutions are designed to create an ecosystem of resources for entrepreneurs.
Why are we doing this? We want to drive innovation, nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and empower founders to go after their big, bold and audacious goals!

Our Platform

We have designed and continue to design solutions to amplify the journey of startup founders. What do we offer?
My Story
Where founders inspire others by sharing their story and seeking help where needed
  • Create your own story,
  • Add the action button(s) for the help you are searching for, collect the inquire
  • Validate your idea
My People
Where entrepreneurs become resourceful by organizing and expanding their most important asset: People
  • Add a contact or import one directly from Linkedin and easily group them with tags
  • Add notes for your reference
  • Share your contact(s)
My Content
Where founders organize and share their content with other founders on building a successful business
  • Bookmark Links and Articles
  • Share Posts, Links, Notes and Quotes
  • Comment and discuss on others’ posts
My Virtual Mentor
Virtual mentor
  • A virtual mentoring program to help you turn your idea into a successful venture

Join us, get access to resources and be a resource to other founders!

The Awesome Team Behind UpFounders

Kaderjan Ilghar
Kaderjan Ilghar

Founder & CEO

    Reka Leisztner
    Reka Leisztner

    Product Manager

      Ramya Kandhasamy
      Ramya Kandhasamy


        Zaid Selmi
        Zaid Selmi


          Kadir Akti
          Kadir Akti

          QA Engineer

            Gilman Kadir
            Gilman Kadir

            QA Engineer

              San Francisco, CA, United States